3 Things to do near the Hotel Riu Guanacaste

You booked at the great Hotel Riu Guanacaste and you need to know now what you can do nearby this hotel. First of all, you need to know that Guanacaste is one of the most beautiful provinces of Costa Rica. It has several beautiful beaches and in its capital, it is Liberia and its international airport.

There are so many things to do in this province and near the Hotel there are plenty of things to do. You can look for private tours and enjoy them with your family or friends. We will present you a short list of the best Costa Rica tours in Guanacaste.

Tours near the Hotel Riu Guanacaste

The Hotel Riu Guanacaste runs its private tours through the Swiss Tours. They also accept other tour companies instead. You can get in touch with them and ask for the main characteristic of each tour. Also, to ask about fees and any other kind of doubt you might have.

Arenal Park

Hotel Riu GuanacasteThe hotel is about four hours from the Arenal Volcano, the most active volcano in the country. There you will enjoy the wildlife and the adventure. In this park, there is the opportunity of practicing zip lining, also it has some hot springs and waterfalls for you to enjoy. If you decide to go and spend some time there, you could arrange and stay overnight.

Palo Verde

Palo Verde is about two hours and a half from the Hotel and is a great place to go and enjoy from the wildlife. If you like to experience the presence of wild animals, there you can watch exotic birds, lizards, monkeys, and crocodiles. You can contact the hotel for getting more information about this Costa Rica tour.Hotel Riu Guanacaste

The whole Guanacaste province is full of exotic and exciting places where you can have wonderful adventures and relax at the same time. For its many different and beautiful beaches, this province has, it is so well-known around the country.

Visit Granada, Nicaragua

The most amazing part of this great Guanacaste Province is that it is also close to the neighbor country of Nicaragua. There are one-day tours and overnight tours to visit Granada in Nicaragua, which is only three hours from the Liberia Airport by car, three hours and a bit more than a half from the Hotel Riu Guanacaste.

Bonus:Hotel Riu Guanacaste

If you´re a sport fishing lover, this is the rigth place for you, Costa Rica fishing is ranked at the top in the world. And if you like a good old fish fight, well this is the place!

You have seen there are many things to do around the Riu Hotel Guanacaste, so you would not regret going there and spending your vacations in this beautiful country named Costa Rica. For more just contact us!

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Things to do near the Hotel Riu Guanacaste
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