Airport Transfer Costa Rica

Liberia Airport Shuttle Service

We are a company with more than 8 years of experience on the Tourist Transportation Services. 

Usually we provide private services so this is an easier way to personalize your trips. We area available for any day and at any time that you want to request our services. Continue Reading →

4 Types of Costa Rica Tours You Don’t Want To Miss

If you are planning on visiting this beautiful country, there are some Costa Rica Tours you need to consider. You have a variety of options if you don’t know what to do, and you will definitely have no problem arranging transportation. From the moment you arrive in Liberia Airport, you will start on a great journey that will surely be aimed at your full pleasure and comfort. Continue Reading →

Adventure tours Costa Rica: unique places full of nature

There are many ways to explore a tropical country, but the best one is through Adventure tours Costa Rica. So, if you love the nature and the animals you will like the tours that Costa Rica Best Trips offers on its webpage. For that reason, we have chosen two fantastic tours of its list to you can know more about Costa Rica. Continue Reading →

Corobici and Tenorio River Floating Class I-II

Corobici and Tenorio River Floating

Who ever thought you could go white water rafting in Costa Rica? Corobici and Tenorio River Floating Class I-II Tour, offers you this amazing opportunity. In the heart of Guanacaste lies the Corobici River which gives you both class I and class II rapids. For the adventurer in all of us, this tour is approved for all ages and safe enough for children. assures the safety of all our guests, no matter what tour you decide to book with us. As always, each of our tours includes round trip transportation with a bilingual tour guide and a top notch vehicle from our fleet of many. Whether you have a small or large group, is here to accommodate you.
You will begin your tour in the gardens along the Corobici River. Your trip will last approximately two hours as you make your way along the river. For the nature lover in all of us, you will be enticed with sightings of the many animals, water life and those of our fine feathered friends which are found in the tropical dry forest of Guanacaste. Each of the tour guides are experienced and will be happy to point out the ever present flora and wildlife during your trip. As you are enjoying the nature, keep alert, for up ahead you will encounter those class I and II rapids which you have anticipated. Each person on the raft will be assigned a life vest, paddle and bottled water for the trip. Of course, those paddles will help you to navigate the rapids along the way.
The Corobici and Tenorio River Floating Class I-II Tour include all that was mentioned above as well as drinks, snacks and lunch. Weather permitting we will also make a stop at the waterfalls for some swimming. You will want to bring comfortable clothes, sun glasses, bug repellent, a hat, swimsuit, towels and that all important camera so that you can capture the once in a life time event. Come along and have a great experience on the Corobici and Tenorio River Floating Tour.