Discovering the Best National Park Tour and its charms

There are many interesting national parks in Costa Rica, but surely you should be wondering which National Park tour is the best. Well, this is a very hard question to answer, for that reason, we have chosen one of the most famous tours in Costa Rica according to tourism statistics obtained this year by some experts.

Arenal Volcano: the most popular National Park Tour

National Park TourCosta Rica is known as the country of volcanoes. But, without a doubt, the Arenal Volcano is the most visited and recognized worldwide. It is located next to the beautiful town of La Fortuna de San Carlos, this giant that seems the “perfect volcano” for its harmonious conical shape is included in most tourist circuits in the Central American country.

One of the things that most draws the attention of the Arenal Volcano is how the vegetation has grown around its crater creating a green mantle that gives it great appeal. From 1968 its activity has been constant as can be seen in countless videos that circulate on the net.

Despite the lava flows that fall on its slopes, the Costa Rican climate makes plants quickly grow again what is a wonderful phenomenon. At the same time, the visitor can see closely the lava flows produced by their eruptions, an amazing natural spectacle.

The area has three sign posted paths: Heliconias, Coladas and El Ceibo. The first two (4 kilometers in total) can be done together because they have common sections, and Heliconias, just a kilometer away, is right next to the parking lot and you can leave it for the final part of the tour.

Schedule of the Volcano Arenal National park

The Arenal Volcano National Park opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 4 p.m. It is best to get up early and spend all morning there. For this, you have to cross the 18 kilometers that separate La Fortuna de San Carlos from the entrance of the park by a quite acceptable road. The trip is pleasant since it is done in a privileged natural environment.National Park Tour

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Discovering the Best National Park Tour and its charms
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