Costa Rica adventure tours – Heliconias hanging bridges

Costa Rica adventure tours are better if these journeys are full of adrenaline and nature. If you are looking for best of both worlds, this tour has everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable trip.

Heliconias hanging bridges is the perfect tour for visitors who are not afraid of altitudes and who want a real height expedition. Pick this tour and make sure to have the best Costa Rica trips.

Hanging bridges in Heliconias Rain Forest

Your Heliconias hanging bridges tour will be in the famous Heliconias Rain Forest. This forest is famous for its high hanging bridges and for its location between Miravalles Volcano and Tenorio Volcano.

In this expedition, you will see a series of hanging bridges and typical flora and fauna of Costa Rica. You will also see flowers such as orchids, bromeliad and some wild animals like sloths, iguanas, monkeys, and owls.

Heliconias hanging bridges

Take a hike across the three hanging bridges and get mesmerized by the amazing views from the height of the canopy. Admire the Tapir Tree from the slopes of Tenorio Volcano, a typical tree of the area.

3 hours of heights in Heliconias Rain Forest

Your private transportation service will pick you up at your hotel in Guanacaste. After a short drive, you will arrive at your destination and you will start your tour with a professional-bilingual guide.

As soon as you get there, your guide will give you instructions and then, your journey will begin. First, you will walk through a 1.3 miles long path; this walk includes three hanging bridges over the jungle from 114 to 131 feet in height.

Even though these bridges are suspended in air, they are safe. After your first stop in Heliconias hanging bridges, you will be guided through other natural paths to see wild sloths, monkeys, snakes and some birds like hummingbirds and toucans.

What is positive about this Costa Rica adventure tour is that you will enjoy a nice day among animals and nature; Costa Rica is known for having one of the best and biggest natural ecosystems in the world.

What are the recommendations for this tour?

This Costa Rica adventure tour lasts just 3 hours, maybe 4 but you will be walking a while. We highly recommend to be in shape since this tour is not for people with back problems, pregnant women or people with vertigo feel.

We recommend to bring hiking shoes, light clothes, binoculars, a camera, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, and a hat. We ensure that you will not regret this Heliconias hanging bridges tour and your trip will be the best.

Heliconias hanging bridges
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Costa Rica adventure tours – Heliconias hanging bridges
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