ATV Adventure

ATV Adventure Tour

Are you looking for some exciting adventure tour, but you don’t want to spend a lot of driving time getting to the starting point? What about a customized ATV Adventure ride that can start wherever you are? Costa Rica Best Trips just got a new fleet of ATVs and a truck ready to carry them anywhere you want too. This means that maybe you can start the ride at the very front of your hotel. That way you won’t lose time by getting to the meeting point and you’ll even get some warm up before getting to the mountains and start the exciting part of the ride.

This ATV Adventure offers you the possibility of exploring the mountains and/or beaches of Guanacaste, while having fun, and who knows!? We might see some wildlife along the way, and all these without wasting time in transportation. In others words, the ATV Adventure tour offers you possibilities!

Do you want to have fun and a relaxing experience at the same time? Take an ATV ride through the mountains.
You want to explore a beach or the mountains around you but you’re short of time? You can choose a short ATV ride, from 2 to 4 hours. 2 hours is not that much time, you could even take this tour the very same day of your departure. However, our professionals guides will find a way to provide you lots of fun and an excellent experience in such a short time.

A few days after we got our new toys, we decided to go and try them, so we got this improvised clip from our improvised ride. Click here to watch the video in our facebook page. That’s just a quick / short sample, join us in this customized ATV Adventure tour to get the whole experience!!

ATV Tours Options:

  • 2 hours ATV ride
  • 3 hours ATV ride
  • 4 hours ATV ride

*If ATV is not enough adventure for you. Don’t worry, since custome can also  combine this activity with Canopy tour (Zip line) upon request. **(Dependes of your location)**

Price include:

  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel or rental.
  • Tour Guide
  • ATV Tour (you choose the option).

What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes, Tennis shoes.
  • Towels and Mosquito repellent.
  • Sunglasses and Camera.
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