Costa Rica as the best place with vacations to go

If you are looking for some vacations to go during the following holidays, Costa Rica might offer you the best option to choose. Inside the Guanacaste province, you will find amazing places to go and enjoy with your families. The best vacation you will ever have is that when you decide to get into the nature of the Costa Rica tours.

National parks in Costa Rica are a good option to join a tour and visit them. The nature that you will find on an adventure tour will complete that part of you that you though was missing. The National Park tours that we will describe here will possibly make you want to take advantage of your time, and come and visit us.

Vacations to go: two enjoyable tours

The first national park we will describe here is the Palo Verde Boat Tour. This journey starts at in the “Río Tempisque”, one of the most important ones of the Guanacaste Province. This stroll along the river will show you the incredible variety of species living in this jungle and at the same time, the variety of crops that empower Costa Rica’s to go

This National Park tour lasts half a day. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the park and travel in a slow moving boat for having a better understanding of the place and its surroundings. After finishing the ride, you will have some time to get every souvenir that you need, including pottery and coffee.

We have many Costa Rica tours, among which we will present you The Ricón de la Vieja National Park. A Volcano Hiking tour that you cannot miss if you are an adventure fan. Here you will have the opportunity of including in your vacations to go hike a volcano with two options: the first one lasts two hours and a half and the second one lasts around five hours, you will discover aweson waterfalls and wildlife.

With any of these options, you will enjoy of an amazing time surrounded by nature and watching different species of animals. You can whether go to a place inside the park called Las Pailas and there you can enjoy of the 2.5-hour of hiking while watching pretty close the volcanic activity.

On the other side, you can go to the slopes of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano and swim in the beautiful lagoon of La Cangreja waterfall. This, although is a longer trip, will not show you any of the volcano’s activity. Nevertheless, it is also an experience worth to live due to its magical landscapes and great animals.

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Costa Rica as the best place with vacations to go
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