Why is Hotel Riu Guanacaste a great choice for your vacations?

Because Hotel Riu Guanacaste is located in one of the most Touristic provinces that Costa Rica has. With its exact location in Liberia, it offers all the amenities you can possibly imagine so you can do nothing but enjoy your so wanted holidays or vacations.

Liberia is nearly 4 hours away from Costa Rica’s capital city, San José, and it has two and a half centuries from being founded, so it keeps a great history to tell. Because of its position regarding the sea, this fantastic city possesses a hot, sunny and sometimes humid atmosphere. Nevertheless, the weather is amazing, since it’s 32°C almost the entire year, so it makes being in the city a true delight.Hotel Riu Guanacaste

The fabulous Hotel Riu Guanacaste is located in the most Liberia’s privileged zone, as it is nearby the best beaches in Costa Rica.  Besides, it is surrounded by many top places for people to do their shopping or having a good time with friends like fashion stores, restaurants, night clubs, markets and souvenir shops. There are also private tours always being organized in order to grant the safety and commodity of tourists who chooses this beautiful place to be during their time there.

Ways to move from or to Hotel Riu Guanacaste in Costa Rica

 Costa Rica Best Trips provides you all the necessary information in order to schedule the most fitting transportation, whether if it is an airport car service or a private transportation. It doesn’t matter, because hospitality is a must in Costa Rica, and you will find competitive and reasonable prices in order to be moving from one place to another. Especially if you are heading to a hotel, drivers in Costa Rica are more than able and willing to assist you in every way.

The tourism is increasing more and more in Liberia, so are the services provided by its inhabitants too. Everything you can ask for you can get it there: universities, cinemas, multi-language schools, dentists, Real Estate offices, etc, you just have to name it. There is no limitation either about which beach you can visit, as there are many options to choose from like: Ocotal beach, Buena Vista Lodge, Coco beaches and a lot more situated in the mesmerizing Península de Papagayo.

Hotel Riu Guanacaste

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 Costa Rica Best Trips warmly invites you to easily schedule your own vacation with its friendly user website. And what’s more important: Don’t forget your bathing suit!

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Why is Hotel Riu Guanacaste a great choice for your vacations?
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