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Reliable and Pleasant Private Transportation with CRBT:

  Costa Rica Best Trips is company dedicated to provide airport transfers and tours. However, our speciality is the Private Transportation. Even though in our website, if you go to Airport Transfer  you will find just the prices for some destinations. We actually provide transportation a lot more of locations and areas of the country. At our website you will find just the most populars destinations for private transportation.

  If you need our services, let us know, if your destination is not on the website, no worries. As we always say to our Customers: “Since all our services are privates, it can be customized according with your preferences. Let us know how can we do your trip more pleasant, whatever your needs are! We are always happy and willing to provide our services, if we don’t offer what you’re looking, still we will arrange it for you!”.

How we work:

  As a dear client said on her review (to see the review click here ): “CRBT works on the honor system”. So we won’t ask you for any deposit to hold your reservation, neither for tours nor private transportation, you pay the day of your service. To the driver/guide or at the office. All what we ask from you is the following info:

For a private transportation we just need to know / Para transporte privado solo necesitamos saber:

  • How many people // Cuantas personas.
  • Name of your flight // Nombre de la aerolínea.
  • Flight number // Numero de vuelo.
  • Date of your arrival and/or departure // Fecha y hora de llegada y/o salida.
  • Name of the reservation // Nombre de la Reservación.
  • Name of the Hotel // Nombre del hotel.

Or you can just go here, click on “Book Now!” and fill the form! 🙂

Why choose us?

  • Firstly, I encourage you to check our reviews on TripAdvisor , probably our previous customers are going to persuade you for us. 🙂
  • As we noted before, we work on the honor system, so we don’t ask for any deposit, therefore if you cancel your trip (we would appreciate if you don’t do it); but if by any circumstances you have to, we will understand and you won’t lose any money!
  • We work to please our customers, for this reason we will work according with your preferences as much as possible, and our client will always have the last word.
  • Everyone in this company love their job, so you will find a very happy and willing crew.


 Thinking about a trip to Costa Rica? Don’t wait more and do it! You don’t need to know that much of the country if you will have Costa Rica Best Trips ready to help you and take good care of you.



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