Advantages of using Costa Rica private transportation

Once the plane announces its arrival to Liberia airport in Costa Rica, you cannot help but to feel very excited. Excited… About what? About having the best vacations of your life, the most unforgettable experience you can ever imagine in one of the most paradisiacal countries the Caribbean gets proud to call of its own. A very important part of making the whole journey something forever memorable is the comfort that a private transportation in Costa Rica you can get and enjoy.

4 reasons why should pick a private transportation in Costa Ricaprivate transportation

What could be defined as a private transportation? Is simple: It is about having an exclusive service… At YOUR service. And this could represent the difference between a good trip and a great trip. On this occasion, Costa Rica Best Trips provides you 4 reasons why you should consider including private transportation as your prime choice to move during your staying in this paradise so full of beauties and variety:

1) Private transportation can be added as a part of your Costa Rica vacation packages: Touristic packages can be set according to your budget.  And prices for this service are very reasonable when you consider that during the time you are in Costa Rica, you don’t have to worry at all for having someone to take you from one place to another, since it can be already arranged even before getting into the country.

2) Vehicles: the cars used in a private service of transportation are well-cared cars. Their documentation are up-to-date, the engine, brakes, tires, lights and everything are frequently checked to provide an optimal service to the passenger(s)

Safety: a very important aspect that a private transportation service takes into accountLiberia Airport

3) Security: As the old saying says: “Safety first!” Each car providing a private service is equipped with the ultimate technology in tracking and localization systems. For example, they use GPS, which states in real time where a car is and also when it gets out f its scheduled route. As these tracking systems are mostly conducted through satellites, it is not difficult to find a lost or stolen vehicle in a very short time.

4) Comfort and luxury: Private cars or vans have wide, comfortable seats for you and all the people travelling with you, so you don’t need to worry about the space. They all have air conditioning inside so you don’t get to the hotel all sweaty or smelly, but clean and neat. They can pick up you up from the moment you step out of the airport and take you anywhere you want at any hour you need. Last but not least, they drive you back safe and comfortable to the airport the day you decide to leave.

Costa Rica Best Trips can assess you with all the important details you need to know about private transportation in Costa Rica; so your touring experience can be the best of all.

You just read: “Advantages of using Costa Rica private transportation“, if you have any cuestions contact us or leave your comments below!

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Advantages of using Costa Rica private transportation
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