Private transportation in Costa Rica

If you are thinking on getting a private transportation for your vacations in Costa Rica, you will find several options that will work for you. Your vacation plan must include the different transportation services you will use and in that way, you would organize better your stay.

There are different services to use in Costa Rica, you will find domestic flights, taxis, shuttles, rental cars, ferries, buses, private vans, etc. These services work in an excellent way since Costa Rica transfer service is really important for completing the touristic field which is the most important in the nation.

Private transportation in Costa RicaThe options for private transportation

One of the most popular options you will find in the Costa Rica transfer service is the use of shuttles. These are cars specially thought for larger groups, you could also share them with other groups. They usually travel around the most popular destinations in the countries and also, you can make the special arrangements regarding the schedule.

Another transportation service is car rentals, if you want to be more independent and have better access to the places you want to visit; you can look for the car that best suit your needs and enjoy your great vacations by your own.

When using a private transportation, you will notice that all the vehicles use air conditioning, are 2010 models or newer, and accomplish all the government licenses. All this, because following the regulations as they are, is really important for the Costa Rican culture.Private transportation in Costa Rica

Besides, all drivers are actually the owners of their vans and that is why they take good care of it. They are locals, so they are related to the culture, the area, the customs and you can use them as guides.


If you consider that any of the services is too expensive, just consider that every car in Costa Rica pay different fees depending on the models, and this is something to be considered by the transfer company.

If you are picking cheaper services in some places, maybe those services would offer you old cars whose owners maybe do not take care such a good care of them as the other services with higher fees.Private transportation in Costa Rica

Most of the private transportation services have webpages that you can visit and learn from the experience of the users who have enjoyed from this service. You can get a lot of tips and interesting facts from these reviews.

In any case, when you need any type of transportation just contact us to take with the greatest security and comfort to your destinations in Costa Rica !!

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Private transportation in Costa Rica
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