Discovering the best 3 Costa Rica National Park tours

Costa Rica National Park tours are full of adventure and entertainment for people who love the nature. In these places, you will find many activities to do alone, with your family and a group of friends. Costa Rica Best Trips offers amazing tours for the best national parks of the country and has a large list of packages with transportation services, airport shuttle and more.

Top 3 of the best Costa Rica National Park tours

On this list, we have included 3 of the most amazing and interesting tours that Costa Rica Best Trips has on its website.

Costa Rica National Park toursPalo Verde National Park: it is located in the Province of Guanacaste, between the River Bebedero and the Tempisque River, approximately 30 km west of the city of Cañas. It was created on May 30, 1980.

It has an area of 16,804 hectares. The Park protects a portion of the Tempisque River, where the lowlands are located, an incredibly diverse habitat, where salty and sweet waters meet, combining deciduous forests with tropical rainforest; Palo Verde is one of the worlds Ramsar Sites (Wetlands of International Importance) For its great biodiversity (Raccoons, crocodiles, white face monkeys, all kinds of birds, and a lot more!) and the very important role it plays in the balance of the nature of America.Costa Rica National Park tours

These sectors are of great importance since they are covered by water (wetlands) that provide stopping points for migratory animals, especially between January and February, giving the highest concentration of birds in Central America; Which makes it a favorite place and a must visit for all bird lovers.

Miravalles Volcano
The majestic Miravalles region, where the Yökö Tourist Center is located, is a place of exuberant beauty. This region is located between the districts of Fortuna and Guayabo de Bagaces, in the province of Guanacaste and Aguas Claras de Upala.

The main attractive is the highest volcano in the Guanacaste mountain range: the Miravalles, with an altitude of 2028 meters. The volcano has an inactive crater with lava flows descending to its millenary fumaroles and merging with the forests that cover the colossus. The areas around the base of the volcano have traces of volcanic activity.GuanacCosta Rica National Park tours

Arenal Volcano National Park: it is located next to the beautiful town of La Fortuna  San Carlos, this giant that looks like the “perfect volcano” for its harmonious conical shape, is included in most tourist circuits in the Central American country.

Nowadays the Arenal Volcano is in constant activity, without representing any danger for the visitors, and giving the opportunity to know the majestic scenic resource of its surroundings like the Lagoon of Arenal and the park of the same name; you can also enjoy the hot springs, for which there are specialized spas.

Costa Rica Best Trips have prepared incredible National Park tours which include many things for you comfort, ask us for our holiday specials!

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Discovering the best 3 Costa Rica National Park tours
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