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Four Seasons Hotel in Costa Rica: A great place to stay

When people are planning to have their vacations, one of the first things they must have into consideration is the place in which they will stay. Among the features that a good place to stay must have, is at least all the basic amenities and an outstanding, high quality service. For that reason, we in Costa Rica Best Trips, recommend the Four Seasons Hotel as a splendid place to be during your vacation in this incredible country located in the Caribbean. Continue Reading →

Amazing wonders available through Costa Rica tours

By selecting among the big amount of Costa Rica tours available in the market, you get to have a wonderful opportunity: Enjoying everything that Costa Rica has in store for each of its visitors. If you and your family are up to activities that involve a lot of physical exercise, then this amazing Central American Country is your best choice. Continue Reading →

Costa Rica Family Vacations with the highest comfort

If you plan on going on Costa Rica Family Vacations, you have to do it the right way, and the advantage is that you can do this mixing luxury with nature. This Central American country, rich with a big variety of fauna and a large number of vegetal species, together with beautiful landscapes offers visitors a natural experience that does not have to lack in comfort. Continue Reading →

Costa Rica Vacations: Everything you need to know before traveling

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Adventure tours Costa Rica: unique places full of nature

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Lara’s family trip – Costa Rica Best Trips

Lara’s family trip in Costa Rica:

Around 3 years ago, Lara’s family made their first family trip to Costa Rica. Fortunately they decide to visit the Guanacaste Province (such a great choice!) and they selected our company to take care of part of the trip (Another great decision). We are very thankful!

We are very thankful with everyone who have chosen us, so we always do our best to provide to our customers an excellent experience. I’m very glad to say that with Lara’s family everything went as good as expected, and that was soo good that a few weeks ago they came again, now as a friend. We were very happy to have them again. We had lots of fun and it was all wonderful back, for this reason we want to tell the story of this trip.

Famili trip

Lara’s Family trip to Costa Rica / Instagram: costarica_besttrips

Let’s get into the story of this family trip:

They are friends of the whole company, but they get along with Ariel; better than with anyone else, for this reason, off course, he personally took care of their trip.

Lara’s family started this adventure at the Miravalles Volcano Crater Tour. There, the trip began with a walk into the rain forest and through a hanging bridge. (You can check a short video in our instagram, click here: Miravalles Hanging Bridge) and a horse back riding (Check the picture). Then an stop in a beautiful waterfall. After that they had lunch and the trip finnish with a chill time at Sauna, mud bath and hot springs.

Next Adventure:

White Water Rafting Class III & IV, even if you haven’t tried yet, everyone can imagine how fun and exciting Rafting is! As expected everyone loved it and had a lot of fun. Tenorio river is very nice place with fast and fun currents, but very safe, suitable for a lot of people. Lara’s family made some funny videos during the ride that you might be able to check later in our instagram.

Tenorio River

Tenorio River



Enjoying the beach!

Enjoying the beach.

That looks fun!!

That looks fun!!



Seems like they loved adrenaline, because next day they went to look for some more at the ATV Tour.


There, they also enjoyed a beautiful landscape while they were driving through the mountain and the coastline.

Sadly, at this point, Lara’s Family trip was about to end…


Go fish@

Go fish!

Let’s go fishing:

Our friend Mark, decided to try fishing in one of the best spots in the world as the last thing that he wanted to do in this trip. Therefore, Ariel took him to the Sport Fishing Tour, they had a very good time and they made some nice pictures that we will be sharing soon in our instagram; however, I have to be honest, they haven’t got that much luck with the fishes, which is weird, but can happen… Actually they caught something pretty big, but wasn’t the kind of fish that they were looking. They fished a shark!! Off course, we let him go. Soon we will share a video about this in our Facebook and Instagram.

The night before their departure, the family of Costa Rica Best Trips and Lara’s family had a dinner together. It was all excellent, the whole trip. They and us have had a lovely time.  We are going to miss them a lot!

Fishing Tour

Fishing Tour

The whole family :)

The whole family 🙂 / Family trip to Costa Rica

We love our clients, and we will keep doing our best to increase our family of happy customers.

If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, feel free to come to us, we would love to provide you a great experience. If you are trying to decide whether come to us or not, I suggest you to check TripAdvisor.

Greetings to everyone from Costa Rica Best trips!!






International Airports Transportation Costa Rica – Costa Rica Best Trips

Dear Travelers, let us simplify your transportation. We’ll give you a nice and comfortable experience. Airport transportation is one of the services that Costa Rica Best Trips provides, we offer transfers – shuttles from the international airports in Costa Rica, yes, both of them (LIR & SJO) to your hotel. Of course we provide the transfers to the Airports as well; we will take care of your arrival and departure, those are great travel deals.

Our customers highly recommend us for our professionalism, value and good prices. In addition they usually consider their experience with us as an EXCELLENT and AMAZING one. We invite you to take a look on our Facebook @CostaRicaBestTrips and/or check ours reviews on TripAdvisor. Because if after this note you haven’t take a decision. Then the comments from our previous clients will persuade you.

Flying to the Liberia Airport or San Jose Airport in Costa Rica? You need the arrangements to and from your hotel? Please feel comfortable to contact us, since we love to give a great experience to our customers, you won’t regret. Costa Rica Best Trips is a company dedicated to provide all of these services for you and your family. We work hard to do it as good as possible and it can always be better.

We are very thankful with those who choose us. If you haven’t, we are looking forward to provide you our services and make you part of our happy customers. In consequence we invite you to come to us whatever your needs are. And we will do our best to help you. Just trust us… “Put your trip in our hands and we will make it an unforgettable experience!”

Greetings to everyone from Costa Rica Best Trips, looking forward to make your transportation waay easier and pleasant. Pura vida!!
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