Adventure tours Costa Rica: unique places full of nature

There are many ways to explore a tropical country, but the best one is through Adventure tours Costa Rica. So, if you love the nature and the animals you will like the tours that Costa Rica Best Trips offers on its webpage. For that reason, we have chosen two fantastic tours of its list to you can know more about Costa Rica.

Adventure tours Costa Rica: Heliconias Rain Forest and Tenorio National Park

Adventure tours Costa RicaCosta Rica is known for being a natural sanctuary because is the house of exotic plants and animals and also is recognized around the world for its great biodiversity.

  • Heliconias Rain Forest: it is a touristic project operated by a group of families who are pioneers of the tourism in the north area. Heliconias Rain Forest has 110 hectares where you can find different types of rainforests with several paths and also hanging bridges which allow enjoying the beauty of nature.

Heliconias Path has 1200 meters long, this path allows you to discover the flora and fauna of the primary and secondary rainforest.

Hanging bridge path has 2500 meters long with 3 hanging bridge, they are located in the forest canopy, so, you will be able to experiment the different ecosystem of the area.

  • Tenorio National Park: it is Located in the north of Costa Rica, Tenorio Volcano National Park is one of the youngest in the country. Taking its name from the Tenorio Volcano, this national park boasts breathtaking river views and a great number of opportunities to venture out into the wild.

Adventure tours Costa RicaThe park was created in 1995 to protect the Tenorio Volcano, which is active today. It has four different life zones, as well as its beautiful turquoise waters of its famous Celeste River.

This park is considered one of the best-kept secrets of Costa Rica, as well as one of the best places for excursions. Not only can travelers walk around the beautiful Rio Celeste, the park is also home to a wealth of flora and fauna.

 Rio Celeste has a surprising turquoise blue tone due to the sulfur that is emitted by the volcanic activity in the park. Then the vibrating tone appears when the sulfur is mixed with calcium carbonate. Having a large number of legends and urban myths in Costa Rica, this river does not escape. The ancient legend says that the gods put their brushes to rinse them in the river while they painted the sky.

Come with us and discover the Adventure tours Costa Rica that we have prepared for you.

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Adventure tours Costa Rica: unique places full of nature
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